Audition: Boudica

by Tristan Bernays

Directed by Rosemary Bianchi

Friday 22nd February 2019 at 7.30pm in Room One

Playing dates: 31st May-8th June 2019

Following its success at Shakespeare’s Globe in 2017 this fresh and exciting play, written mainly in verse, tells the story of one of Britain’s most iconic women: a queen, a warrior and a rebel. With excellent roles for both women and men, the issues of gender, race and identity that it confronts are as relevant today as in Boudica’s time. Although there is iambic pentameter, this is not cod-Shakespeare but a vigorous, vivid piece of writing which will give actors a great deal to work with.

It’s a physically demanding play with battle scenes and constant action which will involve the whole cast. As well as the leading characters, there will also be an ensemble that will carry the story forward. There will also be plenty of doubling of roles. No prior knowledge of stage fighting is necessary as there will be tuition.



  • Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, widow of King Presotagus, come to claim his throne and property as is her right as his widow. Dauntless, defiant, regal, she has an iron will. Playing age late 30s, 40s to early 50s.
  • Alonna, Boudica’s daughter: gentle, determined. Playing age: 20s.
  • Blodwynn, Boudica’s daughter: direct, vengeful, jealous, merciless. Playing age: 20s.
  • Cunobeline, King of the Trinovantes: statesmanlike, diplomatic. Playing age: 40-60.
  • Badvoc, King of the Belgics: Boudica’s bad-boy ally. Any age.
  • Clothen, a Trinovantian Lord. Any age.
  • Gunnervik and Waylen, tribal kings.
  • Ensemble of Druids, Iceni, warrior women.


Very confident, aware of themselves as colonialists, with the sense of power that that brings. No specific ages are required.

  • Suetonius, a Roman General: cunning and pompous.
  • Catus Deciamus, procurator of Britain: self-important.
  • Sejanus, a Roman official.
  • Lucius, Sestus and Cato: rough, libidinous Roman soldiers.
  • Silvia, a Roman/British woman who puts the case for foreigners abroad and the nature of ‘home’.
  • Andraste, Roman goddess of victory: has a long speech setting the scene in the Prologue.
  • Roman women, ensemble

Ideally we would like live music, particularly drumming, on stage. Contemporary music will be used so modern instruments including electric and electronic are fine.


There is no need to prepare a speech, but it would be beneficial to read the play beforehand. Auditions will include some reading and physical work in a group context. Please contact Rosemary Bianchi if you need a copy or need more information about the auditions or characters.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Rosemary Bianchi
Telephone: 07979 758561
Send email: 

Audition dates

Auditions will be held on the following dates:

Friday 22nd February at 7.30pm in Room One

Sunday 24th February at 10.30am in Room One

Auditions for all productions

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