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by Moira Buffini

Directed by Jon Brown

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at 7.45pm in Room One

Playing dates: 22nd-30th March 2019

The Olivier-nominated deliciously black comedy.

Take one hostess. Add her philosopher husband. Then add his former lover. Add spice and leave to simmer. Then add his best friend, together with his new wife. Mix well and stir, slowly. Raise the temperature. Add unexpected ingredients and keep stirring. Raise the temperature again. Leave to marinate.

Then serve…

The original 2003 production of this black comedy at the National Theatre was nominated for an Olivier Award. The simple setting is a suburban dinner party, arranged to celebrate the publication of Beyond Belief, a guidebook to life.

Buffini’s writing is razor-sharp and this production will all be about pace, timing, attack and delivery. The whole piece builds and builds and the energy must not stop at all. It has to keep surprising the audience and, if done right, it certainly will!

There can be something very funny about watching people eat. I want to draw out these characters – you won’t like these people! What motivates them, and what do we feel for them, if anything?


There are seven great parts:

  • Hal (M; playing age: 40s-50s; medium-sized role): “He’s a world expert on microbes” – a scientist, married to Sian.
  • Lars (M; playing age: 40s-50s; large role): “The guy who can see gaps in the despair market”
    – a writer, married to Paige.
  • Mike (M; playing age: late 20s-40s; medium-sized role): “The mysterious stranger who becomes a guest”.
  • Paige (F; playing age: 30s-50s; large role): “Such a posh bitch” – the hostess for the evening, married to Lars.
  • Sian (F; playing age: 30s-40s; medium-sized role): “She decorates the rolling news” – a glamorous journalist, married to Hal.
  • Wynne (F; playing age: 40s-50s; large role): “I’m not a feminist. I’m an eroticist” – a Welsh artist, full of lust for life.
  • The Waiter (M; playing age: 30s-50s; a busy role): a silent waiter, paid to obey and serve.
Hertford Theatre Week 2019

We are also taking the production to Hertford Theatre Week, which runs from Monday 29th April to Saturday 4th May – the specific performance night to be confirmed.


These are available to borrow from either Brenda Tomlin or Fiona Carter. Please telephone them to request a copy.


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