Archives - Audition: Double Acts

by John Finnemore

Directed by Harry Harding

Thursday 1st March 2018 at 8pm in Room One

Playing dates: 30th May-2nd June 2018

From John Finnemore, writer of Cabin Pressure, come not one but two hilarious plays from his Double Acts series.

You all know by now that Red Handed was the third of six two-handers written by John Finnemore for BBC Radio 4, but what you probably didn't know was that it’s actually part of a much bigger universe of characters and stories…

The writer himself told me that he had unwittingly connected all six episodes of his first series, some obviously, others with very subtle hints. The connection? Baths! Specifically, the company known as Willard & Son Bath Suppliers. It’s where Joel from Red Handed works, and it also provides the setting for two of Finnemore’s other plays.

In Wysinnwyg, it’s Kerry’s first day in the Sales Support Department of Willard & Son Bath Suppliers – where she meets her horrific new boss for the very first time… If you thought Henry was bad, wait until you meet Adele.

Characters: Adele (40+) & Kerry (20s)

In Hot Desk, for a few minutes, twice a day, at precisely seven in the morning and seven in the evening, a receptionist and a security guard meet to swap ownership of a desk… awkward romance at its funniest!

Characters: Barnaby (20s/30s) & Sarah (20s/30s)

This production will be a double-feature, with Wysinnwyg as Act I and Hot Desk as Act II. These are only 30-minute plays (probably extended to 40 minutes each act) but as they are two-handers, there are quite a few lines to learn! But don’t let that put you off: these characters are all written beautifully, with sharp, witty and funny dialogue. Truly, these are parts you’ll be remembered for. Take it from me – they are so much fun to play and explore.

As with Red Handed, these radio plays have never been performed as a live production before, so once again this will be a world amateur premiere. And you will be the first person ever to play these characters in a stage show. That, my friends, is something worth being a part of!

So if you’d like to join John Finnemore’s bizarre, hilarious theatrical universe then come along to our auditions. Scripts available on request from Harry Harding.


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