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by George Stiles and Anthony Drew

Sunday 16th September 2018 at 2pm in Room One

Playing dates: 15th-31st December 2018

The Barn’s Christmas production this year once again promises to be a spectacular musical with great songs and a wonderful story, suitable for the whole family.

The story of the ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful swan (oops, spoiler alert!) is a gentle tale but told with great humour and some wonderful songs by the award-winning Stiles and Drewe.


There are approximately 30 roles available with many singing parts. Only Ugly, Ida and Cat have solo songs; the others are either trios or ensemble.

Most of the principal farmyard animals are played by adults (with some doubling possible too) but there is also room for up to 20 younger actors who are required to sing (with some also dancing).

The following roles are available (with playing ages where appropriate):

  • Ugly M/F (Late teen to late 20s) – Ugly duckling / beautiful swan
  • Cat M – Scheming cat always trying to eat Ugly
  • Drake M – Ida’s husband
  • Greylag M (40+) – Ex-military
  • Turkey M – Also headmaster
  • Barnacles M – Goose
  • Bullfrog M
  • Father Swan M
  • Ida F – Ugly’s assumed mum
  • Grace F
  • Dot F (40+) – Goose (gentle character)
  • Low Butt F – Hen
  • Bewick F
  • Maureen F (40+) – Cheerful neighbourly moorhen
  • Snowy F – Goose
  • Queenie F – Cat
  • Mother Swan F
  • Henrietta F – Also school secretary
  • Pinkfoot F – Goose
  • Penny F – Ugly’s love interest
  • Magpie F – TV presenter
  • Ducklings x4 M/F (10-16) – Ducklings born at the same time as Ugly
  • Froglets M/F (10-16)
  • Dancers M/F (10-16) – Could be doubled as the ducklings and/or froglets

If you’d like to be considered for the production please come along to one of the auditions (they will be fun and painless!).

Simply let Simon Parr know which day you’d like to attend and which character/s you’d like to audition for and he will send you any script excerpts.


Simon Parr

Telephone: 01707 332890
Send email: 

Auditions for all productions

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