Archives - Audition: The Priory

by Michael Wynne

Directed by Michelle Airey

Sunday 14th October 2018 at 10.30am in Room One

Playing dates: 8th-16th February 2019

The Priory by Michael Wynne premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in November 2009.

Following her split from her boyfriend, Kate decides to invite a group of her closest media type friends, who are teetering on the edge of early mid-life crises, to a renovated and supposedly haunted priory for a New Year’s Eve party. However, with the spirit of success and the spectre of failure both hanging over the celebrations, as the drinks…and drugs…start to flow, personal revelations begin to emerge leading to near tragedy and a fraught morning after.

This play is a fantastic six-hander (okay, seven if you include the late unexpected guest) with terrific roles for a cast of thirtysomethings looking to portray the best and worst of friendship in this neat tragicomedy that is almost a guilty pleasure.

Gradually every one of them is revealed to be nursing discontent beneath a façade. Throughout the first half, the gap between what they say and what the audience observes of their behaviour grows increasingly funny.


I’m looking for a cast of dynamic, hardworking actors to give these dysfunctional characters a sense of true realism. The ages are a rough guide: the key will be to have five characters of a similar age (30s or 40s) with two being somewhat younger.

  • Kate (30s-40s): a budding author who has suffered personal tragedy throughout the previous year and is looking forward to a better one. The party is her idea. Principal character, unlucky in love, who opens the play with Daniel.
  • Daniel (30s-40s): a gay architect who surfs the internet looking for love. Best friend of Kate. Acerbic and troubled.
  • Carl (30s-40s): Kate’s former boyfriend, a ‘resting’ actor, best known for a coffee commercial, now ‘happily’ working in a garden centre.
  • Rebecca (30s-40s): Carl’s BAFTA award-winning wife and obsessive mother of his two small children. A truly annoying, controlling and pompous character disliked by both Kate and Daniel and an unexpected guest at the party.
  • Ben (30s-40s): an award-winning travel writer. Seemingly besotted with his new love Laura.
  • Laura (20s-30s): a counter girl at Harvey Nichols and Ben’s fiancée of one day, the pair having met the night before. A delightful dippy young character with some fantastic lines.
  • Adam (20s-30s): Daniel’s impromptu internet date for the night. Slightly sinister character, a smaller part.

Rehearsals will start mid-November with a break over the Christmas period.

Scripts are available from Michelle Airey.


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