Audition: Whipping It Up

by Steve Thompson

Directed by Keith Thompson

Wednesday 18th September 2019 at 7.45pm in Room One

Playing dates: 17th-25th January 2020

Nominated for Best New Play in the Olivier Awards in 2007 and described as ‘a vitriolic political comedy’ and ‘sharpest new comedy of the year’, Whipping It Up imagines a Conservative Government with a tiny majority desperately hanging on to power at Christmas. (Sound familiar? Will this still sound realistic by the time we play in January?). The Whips will stop at nothing to keep the strays in line. Boy scouts are rioting in Whitehall, Tory rebels are on the loose, and the Chief Whip is playing Santa at a children’s party. What dirty tricks can the Whips get up to ensure their survival? What secrets do they know about their MPs?

The play is set in the Whips’ Office.


The Government:

  • Alastair – 40s, Deputy Chief Whip. Smooth, immaculate, he owns the space.
  • Guy – 30s, Backbench MP. Eager and nervous.
  • Tim – 30s, Junior Whip. Wealthy, confident, streetwise, with a strong London accent.
  • Maggie – 20s, Researcher. Formally dressed but her skirt is rather too short for it to be accidental.
  • The Chief – 60s. Dominant. Foul-mouthed. Old School Tie! Beware!

The Opposition:

  • Delia – 40s, Deputy Chief Whip. Dynamic, smart. Voice like cold steel.

Note: Ages are an indication only, and not absolute. We already have a great crew, and there will be a break in the rehearsal schedule for Christmas. Books available from Keith or Linda.


Keith Thompson
Telephone: 01438 840553
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Linda Miles

Telephone: 01707 335718

Audition dates

Auditions will be held on the following dates:

Wednesday 18th September at 7.45pm in Room One

Auditions for all productions

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