Archives - Blue Stockings

by Jessica Swale

Directed by Linda Dyne

Friday 24th October – Saturday 1st November 2014 in the Auditorium

A funny, romantic and shocking look at a key episode in the battle for equality

In 1896 at Cambridge University something is unsettling and utterly baffling the young men: the women are revolting.

With the feminist and suffragette movement building momentum, a small group of determined educationalists and aspiring students are campaigning for young women to have the right to graduate. What they come up against is the prevailing wind of the day; science that tells them too much education could wither their wombs, and a social stigma that academic achievement leads to loss of femininity, along with any chance of marriage, a family or any normal life.

This is a story of young women, ordinary in their desires, but extraordinary in their place in history. It shows us where we have come from, and challenges us to look at where we are now. Originally produced at London’s Globe Theatre, Blue Stockings is a shocking and stirring new play which will send you out of the theatre feeling elated, appalled, and thoroughly educated.


Tickets are now available for just £11. Buy online or from the Box Office.

Part of the Barn’s 2014/2015 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Tess-Georgina Bennett
Celia-Kat Peacock
Carolyn-Louise Parr
Maeve-Sarah Gennoe
Miss Blake / Minnie-Jane Southey
Miss Bott-Sarah Doyle-Smith
Mrs Welsh-Victoria Rive
Will-Sean Scotchford
Ralph-Dominic Arnold
Edwards-George Andrews
Holmes-Richard Sheridan
Lloyd / Billy-Matthew Greenbank
Mr Banks-Mark Skrebels
Collins / Mr Peck-Eric Chorley
Radleigh / Waiter-Colin Macleod
Anderson / Librarian-Andrew Read
Maudesley-George Edkins

Creative team

Director-Linda Dyne
Production Manager-Yvana Reeves
Stage Manager-Mike Smith
Assistant Stage Manager-Hannah Young
Devi Smart
Set Designer-Rosemary Bianchi
Lighting-John Cude
Sound-James Rowles
Costume-Milada Cook
Cara Evans
Prompter-Sylvia Townend
Properties-Sheila Grimmant
Sue Hantke
Musical Advisor-Roy Mathers
Choreography-Joyce Smith


Friday 24th October – Saturday 1st November 2014

Friday 24th October8.00pm 
Saturday 25th October8.00pm 
Monday 27th October8.00pm 
Tuesday 28th October8.00pm 
Wednesday 29th October8.00pm 
Thursday 30th October8.00pm 
Friday 31st October8.00pm 
Saturday 1st November2.30pmMatinée
Saturday 1st November8.00pm 

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