Content Warning

At the Barn Theatre we go to great lengths to offer a carefully considered programme of shows and events that have the widest possible appeal to the theatre-going public of Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.  Diversity is obviously something that needs to be addressed in terms of audience appeal — in order for us to satisfy the requirements of our patrons and sell more tickets, however, we also feel that it is important to push the boundaries of live performance and explore the widest range of styles, genres and subjects.  This not only offers our audience the opportunity to experience new areas of live theatre but it also helps to retain the interest of our creative membership which is extremely important to us.  These artistic decisions will, of course, never fully satisfy everyone and indeed have the potential to upset or even offend some people, but please rest assured that this is never our intention and we will always publicise when we feel content or language may be inappropriate for minors or may be liable to offend some people.

Thanks for your support and understanding over this rather delicate matter.

Coral Walton
Artistic Director