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Saturday 19th August 2017 at 2pm in the Studio

Summer Workshop

Let the Right One In, the stage play based on the book and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist, playing at the Barn in March 2018, is described as romantic horror. It tells the story of a bullied 12-year-old boy who develops a friendship with a vampire. The film’s director, unconcerned with horror and vampire conventions, decided to tone down many elements of the novel and focus primarily on the relationship between the two main characters. This is the line that I intend to adopt to stage what is a beautifully written and unusual piece of theatre.

A degree of physicality to communicate the essence of this piece is needed, particularly in the character of Eli, the child vampire. Casting this role is difficult and, while I could be looking for a teenager, I might equally be casting an older adult with the right look which would already offer the oddity in the relationship with the boy I am looking for. In order to explore some movement ideas, I have asked a great friend of mine, Phoenix Theatre’s dance and drama specialist Lauren Hussein, to help me run a workshop(s) to explore some ideas during the summer.

If you are female, over 12 and think you might enjoy developing this strange role please come along to the Barn studio on Saturday 19th August from 2pm to 4pm to help us explore some vampire attributes through movement, in particular mime and voice. If interested, contact me below and book your place. Any boys who might be interested in the part of Oskar are welcome too. This, however, is not an audition.

I’m also needing someone to help with some film work for projection and some very specialised lighting and special FX. If you think you could help technically with this challenging production please get in touch.


Coral Walton
Telephone: 07957 232869
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