Nina Archer



May 2017

Red Handed by John Finnemore

Red Handed



July 2016

Bugsy Malone by Alan Parker

Bugsy Malone

Assistant Stage Manager / Props


March 2016

Dealer’s Choice by Patrick Marber

Dealer’s Choice



December 2015

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass

Mrs Dumble / Tweedle Dum / Adult Ensemble


October 2015

Chancers by Robert Massey


Assistant Stage Manager


July 2015

Our Day Out by Willy Russell

Our Day Out

Assistant Stage Manager


May 2015

Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman

Arabian Nights



April 2015

Love Love Love by Mike Bartlett

Love Love Love

Assistant Stage Manager


December 2014

A Christmas Carol by Chris Blackwood & Piers Chater Robinson

A Christmas Carol

Stage Crew / Rehearsal Assistant


November 2014

After Miss Julie by Patrick Marber

After Miss Julie

Production Assistant


May 2014

Earthquakes in London by Mike Bartlett

Earthquakes in London

Supermarket Worker / Ensemble