Archives - Accidental Death of an Anarchist

by Dario Fo

Directed by Paul Mulrennan

Saturday 29th February – Saturday 7th March 1992 in the Auditorium

This is a sharp and hilarious satire on Police corruption in Italy.

Dario Fo’s play concerns the case of anarchist railway worker Giuseppe Pinelli who, it was claimed, ‘fell’ to his death from a Police Headquarters window in 1969. Pinelli was said to have jumped out — past seven Policemen. The window was wide open on a freezing mid-winter night. He sustained an injury to the nape of his neck — during his fall. The fall took place at 23.57 hours or 00.03 hours — depending on which bit of the Police testimony is taken. Fo’s resulting investigation into this matter is a wickedly funny farce played at a ferocious pace.

Part of the Barn’s 1991/1992 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Maniac-James Harper
Bertozzo-Lou Monzeglio
Pissani-Steve Thompson
Constable-Simon Peers
Superintendent-Alan Southgate
Feletti-Hazel Halliday

Creative team

Director-Paul Mulrennan
Design-Steve Thompson
Lighting-Andrew Baker
Graham King
Sound-Andrew Baker
Graham King
Stage Manager-Keith Bridgeman
Assistant Stage Manager-Martin Gadd
Prompter-Julia Goodall
Wardrobe-Wendy Bage
Properties-Heather Freeman
Jenny Miles
Tiffany While
Sara While
Set Painting-Shirley Thompson
Joan Salmon
Keith Thompson
John Wight
Set Dressing-Heather Freeman
Jenny Miles
Tiffany While
Sara While
Poster Design-Ray Gibbins
Poster Photograph-Trevor Wallace
Additional Dialogue-Glyn Maxwell
Italian Dialogue-Anna Faggio
Production Secretary-Jenny Miles

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