Archives - Canterbury Tales

by Jeremy Secker

Directed by Keith Thompson

Saturday 7th – Saturday 14th May 1988 in the Auditorium

No introduction is necessary for Jeremy Secker’s brilliant treatment of Chaucer’s famous Tales. Guaranteed to be the baudiest and most rumbustious end to a Barn season yet!


  • Felixstowe
    • Placed First
  • Buxton
    • Unplaced

Part of the Barn’s 1987/1988 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


The Host-Keith Bridgeman
The Host’s Companion-Andy Creber

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Wife of Bath-Mariam Rodway
Gawaine-Chris Gill
Queen Guinevere-Brenda Newey
King Arthur-George Blee
Maiden-Julia Goodall
Mother-Isla Petch
Old Ragnell-Janet Lloyd
Young Ragnell-Julia Goodall
Inertia-Ruth Greenhalgh
Voracita-Sylvia Townend
Contumelia-Kay Coppock
Acrimonia-Hazel Halliday
Lascivia-Jenny Miles
Avaricia-Lynne Powell
Invydia-Wendy Bage

The Miller’s Tale

Miller-Hugh Croydon
Nicholas-Andy Creber
Alison-Victoria Rive
John-Louis Davis
Absalon-John Lloyd
Gervaise-Dave Davis
Maid-Sylvia Townend

The Reeve’s Tale

Reeve-Louis Davis
Alan-Roderick Shepherd
John-John Cook
Miller-Hugh Croydon
Miller’s Wife-Anne Woolmington
Miller’s Daughter-Sue Brodie
Students-Jason Cohen
Andy Creber
Jo Shaw
Andy Graves

The Nuns’ Priest’s Tale

Nuns’ Priest-Peter Thomas
Chanticleer-George Blee
Pertetlote-Wendy Bage
Russel-Dave Davis
Hens-Victoria Rive
Kay Coppock
Jenny Miles
Lynne Powell
Ruth Greenhalgh
Sue Brodie

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Assistant Stage Manager-Heather Palmer
Set Designer-John Lloyd
Set Builders-Pat Finch
John Lloyd
Harrold Muncey
Lighting-Derek Palmer
Pam Farlie
Sound-Jan Sayer
Recorder-Denise Duffy
Properties-Janine Ridgeley
Jean Amato
Costumes-Janet While
Tiffany While
Lorraine Duffy
Kris Moore
Masks-Tiffany While
Isla Petch
Prompter-Vaughan Meyrick
Production Secretary-Lilian Allman

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