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by C P Taylor

Directed by David Harrold

Friday 11th – Saturday 19th November 1994 in the Auditorium

This is the story of a good man who becomes a Nazi — almost the reverse situation of Schindler’s List. It is a powerful and moving play — first produced by the RSC in 1981 — described by the author as “a tragedy which I have written as a comedy”: it is his response to the Holocaust. His play is not about criminals and psychopaths, but essentially decent people whose all too human weaknesses lead to complicity with the Final Solution.

Part of the Barn’s 1994/1995 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


John Halder-Dick Breeze
Hospital Sister-Carol Reynolds
Halder’s Mother-Belinda Putley
Clerk-Deborah Smith
Dr Maurice Gluckstein-Jack Wood
Second Clerk-Carol Reynolds
Helen-Hazel Halliday
SS Over-Leader Philip Bouller-Keith Price
Anne-Sarah Mead
Freddie-Neil Richardson
Hitler-Keith Thompson
Bok-Rob Wallace
Elisabeth-Carol Reynolds
Hospital Doctor-Chris Harper
SS Despatch Rider-Chris Harper
SS Over-Leader Adolf Eichmann-Keith Thompson
Höss-David Harrold

Creative team

Director-David Harrold
Stage Manager-Michael Barr
Assistant Stage Manager-Carolyn Annand
Carol Reynolds
Deborah Smith
Set and Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Lighting Operation-Shirley Shaw
Sound-David Shaw
Wardrobe-Irene Gill
Phoebe Johnson
Properties-Mark Owens
Jean Amato
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper

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