Archives - Macbeth

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Steve Thompson

Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th September 1990 in the Auditorium

Shakespeare’s masterpiece of murder and retribution is to be the Barn’s first production in its new auditorium.

Macbeth is a play of extraordinary power and intensity: a man is haunted by violent apparitions and the guilt of a brutal murder; his wife is driven to madness by her own fierce sense of ambition; events are set in motion by the prophetic visions of witchcraft; the backdrop is a bloody war in Scotland. All of these elements are distilled into one concise and compelling drama.

Part of the Barn’s 1990/1991 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Duncan-Neil Gill
Malcolm-David Maxwell
Donalbain-James Edwards
Macduff-Keith Thompson
Captain-Mike Smith
Lennox-George Blee
Ross-Ron Thomas
Menteth-Neil Todman
Angus-Peter Thomas
Cathness-Rob Wallace
Soldier-Pat Bailey
Macbeth-Paul Mulrennan
Banquo-Stephen Mead
Lady Macbeth-Jan Sayer
Fleance-Hamish Logie
Gentlewoman-Shirley Thompson
Porter-Peter Thomas
Seyton-James Edwards
Murderers-Nigel Rive
Trevor Wallace
Lady Macduff-Wendy Bage
MacDuff’s Son-Chris Lawson
MacDuff’s Daughter-Lucy Baker
Doctor-George Blee
Other parts-Janet Lloyd
Louise Bowyer
Amie Hoyland
Clare Stutchbury

Creative team

Director-Steve Thompson
Design-Jack Wood
Lighting Design-Derek Palmer
Sound-David Shaw
Stage Manager-Pat Walsh
Assistant Stage Managers-Anna Pepper
Janet Lloyd
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Wardrobe-Sybil Thompson
Jean Amato
Shirley Thompson
Properties-Denise Duffy
Sue Walters
David Walters
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Backstage Coffee-Diana Baker
Production Secretary-Sylvia Pepper
Drummer-John Cook

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