Archives - New Directors’ Company

by David Hare and Dario Fo

Directed by Tiffany While and James Harper

Monday 5th – Saturday 10th December 1994 in the Auditorium

An opportunity for people who have not previously directed at the Barn to offer either one-act or extracts from full-length plays.

Part of the Barn’s 1994/1995 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

Act II of The Secret Rapture

Director-Tiffany While
Isobel Glass-Sarah Mead
Marion French-Janet While
Tom French-Roy Archer
Katherine Glass-Emily Fairman
Irwin Posner-James Harper
Rhonda Milne-Erica Hawken

One Was Nude and One Wore Tails

Director-James Harper
First Road Sweeper-Alan Southgate
Second Road Sweeper-Chris Harper
Woman-Emily Fairman
Naked Man-Sandy Underwood
Man In Evening Dress-Joe Swanson
Night Patrolman-Rob Wallace

Creative team

Company Stage Manager-Andrew Baker
Stage Manager-Juliet Harper
Fran Heald
Alan Southgate
Lisa Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-Mary Hennessy
Nigel Rive
Tiffany While
Lighting Design-Kal Ahmed
Lighting Operator-Stella George
Costumes-Tiffany While
Sound/Choreography-Andrew Baker
Erica Hawken
James Rowles
Rob Wallace
Set Design / Construction-Juliet Harper
John Lloyd
Johanna Lloyd
Jack Wood
Properties-Jane Pennett
Poster Design-Ray Gibbons
Laura Powell

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