Archives - Sherlock Holmes and The Lure of the Reichenbach

by Susan Maslen

Directed by Lesley Bilton

Friday 31st March – Saturday 8th April 1995 in the Auditorium

Part of the Barn’s 1994/1995 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Lady Conan Doyle-Julie Saunders
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Jack Wood
Mrs Turner-Siobhán Hill Elam
James Payn-Denis Butcher
Mrs Mary Foley Doyle-Margaret Hakansson
Dr Joseph Bell-Ron Thomas
Bell’s First Patient-Aiden Elam
Bell’s Second Patient-Julie Saunders
Bell’s Third Patient-Siobhán Hill Elam
Dr George Turnavine Budd-Aiden Elam
Violet-Julie Saunders
Budd’s First Patient-Siobhán Hill Elam
Budd’s Second Patient-Julie Saunders
G T Bettany, Esq-Denis Butcher
Mrs Joseph Marshall Stoddart-Julie Saunders
Herbert Greenhough Smith, Esq-Denis Butcher
Miss Sutherland-Siobhán Hill Elam
Mr Pycroft-Aiden Elam
Sherlock Holmes-Ron Thomas
John H Watson, MD-Jack Wood

Creative team

Director-Lesley Bilton
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting-Graham Dennis
Lighting Assistant-Michael Barr
Wardrobe-Judith Claxton
Phoebe Johnson
Stage Manager-Lisa Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-Mike Smith
Sylvia Townend
Sound-James Rowles
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Brian Moseley
Harrold Muncey
David Thompson
Set Dressing-Jean Amato
Production Assistant-Jack Wood

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