Archives - Single Spies

by Alan Bennett

Directed by David Thompson

Saturday 17th – Saturday 24th October 1992 in the Auditorium

Single Spies, a double-bill of witty and intriguing plays, won the Olivier award for Comedy of the Year in 1988. Each play features one of the Cambridge spies — all four of whom regularly supplied information to Russia during the Second World War whilst working for the British establishment.

An Englishman Abroad is based on a true incident in the life of actress Coral Browne telling the touching story of her encounter with Guy Burgess in Moscow in 1958.

In A Question of Attribution the circumstances are imaginary. Anthony Blunt, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, tries to solve the riddle of an enigmatic painting and is himself the subject of an official investigation.

Part of the Barn’s 1992/1993 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club

An Englishman Abroad

Coral-Mariam Rodway
Burgess-Bryce MacGill
Tolya-James Harper
Tailor-Ron Thomas
Shop Assistant-Chris Gill

A Question of Attribution

Blunt-Brian Carman
Restorer-Ron Thomas
Chubb-Clive George
Phillips-Chris Gill
Colin-James Harper
HMQ-Lelia Kershaw

Creative team

Director-David Thompson
Lighting Design-Derek Palmer
Sound-David Shaw
Stage Manager-Juliet Lloyd
Assistant Stage Managers-Emily Thompson
John Cook
Jo Shaw
Prompter-Maureen Pinnington
Lighting Operators-Mel Dixon
Paul Jennings
Wardrobe-Irene Gill
Marion Canadine
Properties-Belinda Putley
Jean Amato
Iris Marshall
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Brian Moseley
Harrold Muncey
Ken Coppock
John Wight
Set Dressing-Sybil Thompson
Sue Walters
Poster Design-Jenny Collingwood
Production Secretary-Sybil Thompson
Paintings-Mike Goring
Special Artefacts-Isla Petch
Hair and Wig Dressing-Dianne Sells

Thanks to Middlesex University Music Department for the loan of the balalaika

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