Archives - Submariners

by Tom McClenaghan

Directed by Danny Swanson

Friday 3rd – Saturday 11th February 1995 in the Auditorium

Young ‘Cock’ Roach has had enough of the pressure cooker atmosphere on board HMS Superior and wants out. His attempts to get a discharge from the navy backfire with hilarious consequences, until he is forced into one final anarchic bid for freedom.

“There are three kinds of people”, discovers Cock, “those that are alive, those that are dead and those who are at sea”.

Part of the Barn’s 1994/1995 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Cock-John Cook
Spider-Neil Richardson
Housey-David Maxwell
Splash-Joe Swanson
Chaplin-James Harper


Captain-Ron Thomas
Tannoy-Rob Wallace

Creative team

Director-Danny Swanson
Production Secretary-Wendy Bage
Stage Manager-Mark Owens
Assistant Stage Manager-Jo Lloyd
Nigel Rive
Set Design and Construction-Eric Farlie
Set Building-John Walters
Ian Bage
Lighting Design-Simon Turner
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Lighting Assistant-Paul Jennings
Sound-David Shaw
Wardrobe-Lou Underwood
Properties and Set Dressing-Sue Walters
Props Assistant-Amy McNamara
Poster Design-Jenny Collingwood
Help with the Dance Number-Bryony Rimell
Help with Sound Recording-Rob Wallace
Rehearsal Photographs-Simon Turner
Special help and advice-David Aspey

Costume Loan from Welwyn Garden Sea Cadets

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