Archives - The Beggar’s Opera

by John Gray

Directed by Keith Thompson
Musical Director Les Eddlestone

Friday 6th – Saturday 14th January 1995 in the Auditorium

The most popular piece of English theatre in the 18th century, its music reflects a wide variety of contemporary styles. In the setting of the taverns, prisons and whorehouses of London, thronged with hilarious rogues and sluts, Lucy Lockit and Polly Peachum compete for the amorous favours of the infamous highwayman Captain Macheath.

Part of the Barn’s 1994/1995 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


The Beggar-David Thompson
The Player-Mike Smith
Peachum-Denis Butcher
Mrs Peachum-Siobhán Hill Elam
Polly Peacham-Emma Butcher
Filch-Mike Smith
Crook-Fingered Jack-Dave Davis
Wat Dreary-Paul Silver
Harry Paddington-David Thompson
Slippery Sam-Chris Lawson
Matt of the Mint-Clive George
Ben Budge-Mike Smith
Tom Tipple-Bryce MacGill
Jemmy Twitcher-Chris Lawson
Robin of Bagshot-David Dundon
Nimming Ned-Bryan Rycroft
Captain MacHeath-Mike Sheelan
Dolly Truly-Anne Woolmington
Mrs Vixen-Brenda Newey
Jenny Diver-Shirley Thompson
Mrs Slammekin-Mariam Rodway
Suky Tawdry-Sybil Thompson
Molly Brazen-Siobhán Hill Elam
Mrs Coaxer-Carolyn Annand
Betty Doxy-Joan Goodwin
Mrs Trapes-Joan Salmon
Lockit-Bryce MacGill
Lucy Lockit-Lorraine Simpson
Tavern Maids-Silvana Yemm
Suki Overton-Morgan
Erica Hawken

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Musical Director-Les Eddlestone
Stage Manager-Peter Holt
Assistant Stage Manager-Gloria Moseley
Lighting Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Operation-Andrew Baker
Set Consultant-John Lloyd
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Peter Holt
Brian Moseley
Harrold Muncey
Properties-Jean Amato
Iris Marshall
Prompter-Gill Millinger
Costumes-Janet While
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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