Archives - tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ!

by Mike Packer

Directed by Steve Thompson

Friday 6th – Sunday 8th July 2018 at 8.30pm in the Studio

The world's unluckiest punk band reunites for one final gig!

Late matinee on Sunday 8th at 5pm

Thirty years after splitting up in a Copenhagen hotel, the world’s unluckiest punk band reunites for one final gig. When a credit card company decides to use one of their old songs for a TV advertising campaign, Billy Abortion (singer), Mark Faeces (guitar), Louise Gash (bass) and John Smith (drums) decide it’s time to get the band back together again and play the hits. Mark is desperate for his one shot at celebrity; Billy is desperate to turn his back on the world; Louise is desperate to get out of a suffocating marriage; and John is just desperate to find the nearest pub before it closes.

Last time they played together it ended in a bloodbath and a reservoir of phlegm but they’re willing to let bygones be bygones and pick up their guitars one more time – especially if the money is good and the drugs are freely available.

You can look forward to them playing all of their hits: Plastic People, Tower Block Love, Open Wound and Headin’ for Oblivion – all the right notes but not necessarily in the same room as each other. Talent-spotters come along…and see if you can spot any talent whatsoever.

Touching, sad, hilarious, loud, edgy, dangerous, sweary, great fun and unbelievably offensive!

tHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ! by Mike Packer - PostertHe dYsFUnCKshOnalZ! by Mike Packer - Poster


Part of the Barn’s 2017/2018 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Billy Abortion-Danny Swanson
Marc Faeces-Paul Albertson
Louise Gash-Emily Fairman
John Smith-John Cook
Gina-Anneli Page

Creative Team

Director-Steve Thompson
Music Supervisor-Tim Jennings
Stage Manager-Jenny O'Sullivan
Assistant Stage Manager-Nick Jackson
Lighting-John Cude
Wardrobe-Tiffany Breeze
Properties-Keith Thompson
Fight Director-Chris Janes
Rehearsal Prompt-Anne Woolmington
Photography-Simon Wallace
John Davies
Poster Design-John Cook

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