Archives - The Elephant Man

by Bernard Pomerance

Directed by Mervyn Lloyd

Saturday 4th – Saturday 11th May 1985 in the Auditorium

The true story of John Merrick, a sensitive and intelligent man whose body was so deformed that he was exploited, first as a fairground freak but later in more subtle ways by high society and well-meaning philanthropy. Attempts to help him are frustrated by suffocating Victorian hypocrisy. A compassionate evocation of suffering nobly borne.


  • Felixstowe
    • Placed First
  • Buxton
    • Placed First
  • All Winners Festival
    • Placed Second

Part of the Barn’s 1984/1985 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Frederick Treves-Keith Thompson
Carr Gomm-Lou Monzeglio
Ross-Ray Hill
John Merrick-John Lloyd
The Three Pinheads-Hedone Faulkner
Carol Marks
Jan Sayer
Pinhead Manager-Nigel Rive
Belgian Policeman-Keith Thompson
London Policeman-Nigel Rive
Boat Train Conductor-Lou Monzeglio
Bishop Walsham How-Brian Carman
Hospital Porter-Steve Ansell
Snork-Lincoln Hudson
Mrs Kendal-Jan Sayer
Duchess-Carol Marks
Countess-Hedone Faulkner
Princess Alexandra-Carol Marks
Lord John-Brian Carman
Nurse-Hedone Faulkner

Creative team

Director-Mervyn Lloyd
Stage Manager-Janet Lloyd
Assistant Stage Managers-Juliet Lloyd
Pat Walsh
Set Design-Colin Childs
Set Construction-Eric Farlie
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Lighting-Louis Davis
Derek Palmer
Brenda Newey
Sound-Carole Muscroft
Music-Adrian Weddell
Special Effects-Tony Iliffe
Wardrobe-Betty Harvey
Elaine Lummis
Properties-Val Turner
Kay Coppock
Prompter-Peggy Thompson
Production Secretary-Pat Walsh
Backstage Refreshments-Dorothy Otterburn

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