Archives - The Jew of Malta

by Christopher Marlow

Directed by Steve Thompson

Saturday 23rd – Saturday 30th September 1989 in the Auditorium

The Jew of Malta was almost certainly the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, but, quite unlike the tragedy of Shylock, the plot surrounding Marlowe’s Jew is an hilarious revenge play. Where Shylock, stripped of his possessions, quietly adheres to the judgement of Venice, Barabas (Marlowe’s devious hero) sets about the destruction of the Christians who have robbed him. This path leads him to poison an entire convent by lacing their porridge, ‘frame’ a Maltese monk for the murder of one of his brethren, coax his daughter into taking a nun’s vows (twice!), pose as a French musician, lead the Turkish army in an assault on the city and finally meet his death in a pit of flames!!!

And all on the Barn stage.

Part of the Barn’s 1989/1990 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Machiavelli-Jack Wood

The Jews

Barabas-Keith Thompson
Abigail-Emily Fairman
Jews-Mike Lyons
Nigel Rive
Kay Coppock

The Christians

Ferneze-Desmond Harper
Don Lodowick-Tim Jennings
Don Mathias-John Cook
Katherine-Jo Davies
Friar Jacomo-George Blee
Friar Barnardine-Mike Lyons
Abbess-Mariam Rodway
Officers-Lynne Powell
Emma Butcher
Pat Bailey
Bellarmina-Jan Sayer
Pilia-Borza-John Cook

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