Archives - The Odd Couple (The Female Version)

by Neil Simon

Directed by Keith Thompson

Saturday 19th – Saturday 26th September 1992 in the Auditorium

This is the revised version of Simon’s original play with the sexes reversed. Instead of Oscar the slob and Felix the martinet trying to live in the same apartment, we have Olive the slut and Florence the histrionic going through the same experience. The four male friends, the poker players, are replaced in this version by four ladies (!) with a hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit. The love interest from upstairs, once the Pidgeon sisters, is now two Spanish brothers.

Same plot, great parts, different dialogue… hilarious results

Part of the Barn’s 1992/1993 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Sylvie-Jean Endean
Mickey-Dianne Sells
Renee-Jenny Hastings
Vera-Carol Monzeglio
Olive Madison-Siobhán Hill Elam
Florence Unger-Jan Sayer
Manolo Costazuela-Ray Newton
Jesus Costazuela-Keith Thompson

Creative team

Director-Keith Thompson
Design-Clyde Wilson
Lighting Design-Trevor Wallace
Sound-Simon Wallace
Stage Manager-Peter Holt
Assistant Stage Managers-Philip Walker
Dave Davis
Prompter-Frances Chown
Lighting Crew-Neil Charles
Martin Palmer
Wardobe-Irene Gill
Properties-Jean Amato
Iris Marshall
Set Construction-Clyde Wilson
John Wight
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Production Secretary-Sylvia Townend
Hairdressing-Dianne Sells

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