Archives - The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13¾

by Sue Townsend

Directed by Joan Goodwin

Saturday 3rd – Saturday 10th March 1990 in the Auditorium

This hilarious comedy was adapted for television by Sue Townsend from her international best-seller. It is a satirical comedy of adolescent manners following the efforts of a spotty teenager trying to make sense of the erratic behaviour of the adults around him. The disintegration of his parents’ marriage, threats from the local bully, the first love pains and spots coming out on New Year’s Day are a series of minor tragedies the hero must cope with in the delicate transition period from puberty to manhood.

Definitely a family show.

Part of the Barn’s 1989/1990 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Me-Oliver Bage
Pauline Mole, my Mum-Wendy Bage
George Mole, my Dad-Dick Breeze
Mr Lucas, the creep next door-Tony Powell
Mrs Lucas, also next door-Carol Monzeglio
Grandma Mole-Vaughan Meyrick
Nigel, my best friend-Joe Weeden
Barry Kent, my enemy-Robert Watton
Pandora, my girlfriend-Sarah Breeze
Bert Baxter, my pensioner-Michael McKever
Queenie, his girlfriend-Isla Petch
Electric Bored Man-Peter Holt
Doreen Slater, my Dad’s friend-Brenda Newey
The Other Kids-Tim Potts
Chris Lawson
Madeleine Palmer
Nicole Selby
Nicholas Bage
Mitchell Gomer
Angela McDonald
Katy Louis
Rebecca Richardson
Abigail Adams

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