Archives - Tom Jones

by Joan MacAlpine
Based on Henry Fielding’s novel

Directed by Jack Wood

Saturday 14th – Saturday 21st November 1992 in the Auditorium

Described as “a pantomime without music”, Joan Macalpine’s riotous dramatisation of Henry Fielding’s great novel captures the spirit of the original while imbuing the text with a contemporary sparkle.

This is the tale of a handsome young reprobate who falls victim to the charms of one woman after another, becoming at one point entangled with three at once! After many adventures, all ends happily with Tom winning both a fortune and the girl he really loves. With its sword fights and dances, noise and colour, this is an entertainment for all the family.

Part of the Barn’s 1992/1993 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Tom Jones-Alan Southgate
Squire Allworthy-George Blee
Allworthy’s Manservant-Nigel Rive
Bridget Allworthy-Shirley Thompson
Jenny Jones-Tiffany While
Thwackum-Keith Thompson
Blifil-Philip Walker
Squire Western-Lou Monzeglio
Molly Seagrim-Amanda Richardson
Sophia Seagrim-Julie Saunders
Honour Seagrim-Wendy Bage
The Doctor-David Dundon
Susan-Victoria Rive
Mrs Walters-Janet While
Betty-Shirley Thompson
Mrs Fitzpatrick-Lesley Bilton
Captain Fitzpatrick-Michael Smith
Andrews-Nigel Rive
Lord Fellamar-James Harper
The Constable-Desmond Harper
First Bystander-Nigel Rive
Second Bystander-David Dundon
The Woman with a Basket-Wendy Bage
The Executioner-Mike Smith
The Priest-Keith Thompson
Bystanders-Ian Bage
Nicholas Bage
Wendy Bage
Michael Barr
Christopher Dundon
Lisa Hakansson
Chris Lawson
Carol Monzeglio
Mo Potts
Amanda Richardson
Victoria Rive
Keith Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Tiffany While

Creative team

Director-Jack Wood
Lighting Design-Louis Davis
Sound-David Shaw
Costume Design-Tiffany While
Stage Manager-Stephen Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-David Dundon
Lisa Hakansson
Nigel Rive
Carol Monzeglio
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Wardrobe Assistance-Shirley Thompson
Properties-Mo Potts
Michael Barr
Chris Lawson
Set Construction-Pat Finch
Clyde Wilson
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson
Hair and Wig Dressing-Dianne Sells

Director’s note: This is the second time I have had the pleasure of directing this delightful play. The first was for presentation at the Minack Open-Air Theatre in Cornwall and for this present Barn production I have adapted the setting, the sword–fight and the dances from that previous occasion. Credit is therefore due to Geoff Moore, John Stacey, John Wilson and Anna Twilley who designed and arranged the originals.

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