Archives - Vivat, Vivat Regina

by Robert Bolt

Directed by Ray Newton

Saturday 8th – Saturday 15th March 1986 in the Auditorium

Vivat, Vivat Regina is a classic of modern drama. It tells of the power struggle between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I and it does so in an entertaining, dramatic and powerful manner.

Robert Bolt’s narrative style moves the play smoothly from France to Edinburgh to Hampton Court without losing historical accuracy, but at the same time the dialogue is such that all the characters: Mary, Elizabeth, John Knox, Cecil, down to the courtiers and clerics are real people. Bolt has put flesh on the bones. The playwright’s theme is “the impermissable sacrifice of self which power demands and gets and squanders — to what purpose?” It is Bolt at his best.


  • Buxton
  • Felixstowe
    • Placed Second
    • Best Producer

Part of the Barn’s 1985/1986 season and a festival entry

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Mary Queen of Scots-Margaret Hakansson
Claud Nau-Ron Jolly
William Cecil-Stanley Meyrick
Elizabeth I-Jo Davies
Robert Dudley-Keith Thompson
John Knox-Neil Gill
David Rizzio-Nigel Rive
Lord Morton-Keith Bridgeman
Lord Bothwell-Dave Davis
Bishop-Mike Smith
Sir Francis Walsingham-OFFICALLY REMOVED
De Quadre-Lawrence Wheatley
Davison-Andrew Crawley
Lord Darnley-George Blee
Brewer-Martin Gadd
Prisoner-Nigel Rive
Lord Mor and Cleric-Stephen Wilson
Ruthven-Mike Smith
Ormiston-Martin Gadd
Lindsey-Charlie Freeman
Scottish Lord-Richard Cook
Archbishop-Nigel Rive
Philip of Spain-Lawrence Wheatley
Ladies in Waiting-Elaine Lummis
Denise Duffy
Beryl Blatherwick
Janet Roe
Juliet Lloyd
Jean Amato
Shirley Thompson

Creative team

Director-Ray Newton
Stage Manager-Robert Gill
Assistant Stage Manager-Heather Palmer
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Set Building-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Members of The Barn Theatre Club
Sound-David Shaw
Lighting-Eric Farlie
Pam Farlie
Prompter-Frances Chown
Costumes-Betty Harvey
Elaine Lummis
Properties-Denise Duffy
Jean Amato
Wendy Creak
Production Assistant-Dorothy Otterburn
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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