Archives - Waiting in the Wings

by Noël Coward

Directed by Hannah Sayer

Friday 20th – Saturday 28th March 2020 in the Auditorium

Friends, rivals and divas with one common enemy - time

Waiting in the Wings was Coward’s 50th play and, although it’s received some critique in the past, Sir Michael Redgrave, who put the first production together, recognised its delights and who are we to argue with him?! Coward himself said “I wrote Waiting in the Wings with loving care and absolute belief in its characters. I consider that the play as a whole contains, beneath the froth of some of its lighter moments, the basic truth that old age needn’t be nearly so dreary and sad as it is supposed to be, provided you greet it with humour and live it with courage”. What a positive outlook and sentiment!

It’s set in the 1960s, ‘modern-day’ at the time, in the lounge of The Wings, a charity home for retired actresses – those who have been leading ladies and fallen on hard times. No actress under the age of 60 is eligible and the home is controlled from London by a committee of leading actors and actresses of the day.

The women are wonderful: all are friends, rivals, divas with one common enemy – time. They were all once in the spotlight, some brighter than others, surrounded by adoration, then the parts stopped, the money dried up and they had to relocate to The Wings, where they’re determined to keep one thing alive – their spirit. This play wisely and compassionately addresses the problems of aging and death that confront everyone, crafted with Noël Coward’s trademark comedy and wit.

Waiting in the Wings by Noël Coward - PosterWaiting in the Wings by Noël Coward - Poster


Part of the Barn’s 2019/2020 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Bonita Belgrave-Jan Westgarth
Cora Clarke-Mary Goodfellow
Maud Melrose-Rachel Thomas
May Davenport-Maggie Box
Almina Clare-Sylvia Townend
Estelle Craven-Hazel Halliday
Maureen Davies
Perry Lascoe-Ben Falkiner
Sylvia Archibald-Yvana Reeves
Mr Osgood Meeker-Barry Grossman
Lotta Bainbridge-Siobhán Hill Elam
Dora-Jaysica Marvell
Doreen-Hannah Humbles
Sarita Myrtle-Carol Marks
Zelda Fenwick-Karen Bewick
Dr Jevons-Barry Grossman
Alan Bennet-Steve Deaville
Topsy Baskerville-Anne Mawer

Creative Team

Director-Hannah Sayer
Production Manager-Hannah Humbles
Assistant Production Manager-Lucy Winston
Stage Manager-Trevor Watkins
Assistant Stage Manager-Sharon Francis
Wardrobe-Anne-Marie Austin
Sue Talbot
Maggie Bushnell
Yvonne Bartlett
Properties-Barbara Foster
Georgie Palmer
Sound-James Rowles
Lighting-John Cude
Set Design-Rosemary Bianchi
Prompt-Greg Skinner


Friday 20th – Saturday 28th March 2020

Friday 20th March8.00pm 
Saturday 21st March8.00pm 
Monday 23rd March8.00pm 
Tuesday 24th March8.00pm 
Wednesday 25th March8.00pm 
Thursday 26th March8.00pm 
Friday 27th March8.00pm 
Saturday 28th March2.30pm 
Saturday 28th March8.00pm 

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