Archives - Wyrd Sisters

by Terry Pratchett
Adapted by Stephen Briggs

Directed by Eric Chorley and Zoë Watkins

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th January 1999 in the Auditorium

Granny Weatherwax is intolerant, self-opinionated and powerful. Her best friend, Nanny Ogg, is down to earth and vulgar, and their young apprentice, Magrat Garlick, is naïve, fond of occult jewellery and bunnies. Together they are three formidable witches, who, when not hanging about on blasted heaths, are out avenging murdered Kings, saving the kingdom from destruction and generally putting the world to rights.

Sound familiar? It should do, Pratchett takes a healthy dose of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, adds a little Hamlet, mixes it up with his now globally famous Discworld characters and logic, and gives us a fantastically funny and entertaining play for all the family.

Part of the Barn’s 1998/1999 season

Presented by The Barn Theatre Club


Granny Weatherwax-Isla Petch
Nanny Ogg-Sybil Thompson
Magrat Garlick-Jane Pennett
Duke Felmet-Charles Compton
Lady Felmet-Victoria Rive
Fool-Andy Nash
Verence-Bernard Usher
Gumridge, Vitoller-Neil Gill
Mrs Vitoller, Peasant, Player-Carolyn Annand
Hwel-Alan Southgate
TomJon-David Manson
Sergeant, Guard 2, Robber, Guard 1-Brian Kent
Chamberlain, Demon, Witch 3-Clive George
Peasant 2, Witch 3-Joan Goodwin
Peasant 2, Witch 2-Juliet Harper
Soldier 2, Guard 4, Robber 2, Wimsloe-Mike Smith
Bowman, Guard 3, Bedlin-Nigel Rive
Soldier 1, Guard 1, Guard 2-Darren Millard
Actor, Robber 3, Player 1-Paul Martin
Understudy to everybody-Martyn Jones

Creative team

Director-Eric Chorley
Zoë Watkins
Set Design-Eric Farlie
Lighting Design-Simon Wallace
Stage Manager-Lisa Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager-Daniel Willcox
Henry Mackay
Helen Woolley
Set Construction-Paul Molyneux
Martyn Jones
Pam Farlie
Set Painting-Lorraine Underwood
Denise Duffy
Lighting Operator-Shirley Shaw
Sound-James Rowles
Wardrobe-Janet While
Properties-Juliet Harper
Prompt-Gill Millinger
Production Secretary-Shirley Thompson

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